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Farscape Contest

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Farscape Icon Challenge
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Welcome to Farscape Contest, a weekly Farscape icon challenge community.

Several screencaps will be posted at the beginning of each week. You will then have about five days to enter your icon for the challenge, using only the screencaps posted. Using stock images is allowed.

Monday - Friday: Submitting icons
Late Friday - Late Sunday: Voting
Late Sunday - Early Monday: Winners announced with new screencap for the week

1. Adding brushes, text or animation is fine. But no other pictures may be used but the ones provided.
2. Only one icon per person.
3. Post the icon in the comments of that week's post.
4. No voting for your own icon.
5. Icon must fit Livejournal's size requirements.

Vote for your top three favorite icons in order. Votes will be weighted. 1st place with 3 points, 2nd place with 2 points, and 3rd place with 1 point. Results will be posted Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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